Thursday, February 20, 2014

NICU, A Home Away From Home

The Day after Houston was born I finally got to meet him! That was a moment I will never forget! Dallin hadn't let anyone the day before hold him, he wanted me to be the first to hold Houston in my arms! (I told you he took good care of me and Houston!) I remember when they placed him in my arms I just lost it! How could such a perfect, tiny, precious, innocent spirit be all mine!? I still can't answer that question, but he is mine, and I couldn't be more grateful for him!

Houston spent 3 weeks and 3 days in the NICU! He was a warrior in there. He never had to be on oxygen. He had a feeding tube and had to be under the lights for a few days and other than that he just needed to grow a little more! 

The first few days I didn't really know what to expect with the NICU and I wasn't really sure how on earth I was going to go home and leave my baby here with strangers! That quickly changed once we met the nurses in the NICU! We don't mean to play favorites but our favorite nurse was Liz! She was so sweet and loved those babies like they were her own grandbabies! She was always nice to us! All the nurses were! It was just another answer to my prayers to have nice people taking care of my baby and I knew he was always in good hands! I think it takes a sweet spirit to work with these precious babies everyday and I was so grateful for our nurses! Heavenly Father knew I needed as much help as possible to make it through these first few weeks and he blessed me with more than I could have ever asked for! I had a healthy premie, a GREAT family support, awesome nurses, and the best husband! 

I only got to stay in the hospital for a few days then I was discharged! Hardest day of my life. Leaving my new baby and not taking him home with me was painful. I cried, and cried, and cried, a lot! I visited Houston everyday three times a day! I couldn't drive so my amazing family would take me to the feedings! I couldn't believe how everyone was so gracious and would always make sure I was taken care of, along with Houston! 

It's easier to share Houston's first month in pictures cause he really makes this experience more than worth it everyday! So prepare yourself for a picture overload, probably more pictures than necessary but they're all so cute I couldn't choose a few! It was 25 days after all!
Houston With his Dad! BFF's

Houston and His Mommy! His biggest fan!
(I still can't believe he was as small as he was! Went from my elbow to my fingertips!)

Houston's Family and supporters!
 (my mom & Grandma Shirl! I love them so much! Great examples of great moms!)

 (Houston's grandpa's who adore him and he already adores them!)

(Uncle Kimball who Houston loves)
We loved to compare Houston to things to see how big he was!
(his elbow to his hand was as big as Dallin's thumb)
(His hand was as big as Dallin's finger tip)
(His head as big as Dallin's palm)
(This one's my favorite, He's smaller than mine and Brooklyn's heads and his sweet cousin Macie colored him this picture and he was smaller than the piece of paper! My sister was there with me and for me every step, pregnancy, birth, recovery, and now motherhood! I love her, she's truly my best friend)

Making "baby" Steps
(Got his feeding tube in and then out!)

 (got his IV moved from hand to his head)
 (made it through the lights! & I love how he's holding his binki!)

 (Made it to 4LBS)

 (made it out of the incubator and into a big boy bed and big boy clothes)

Just Sweet Pictures of Houston

 (his first hat)
 (this is my favorite picture from the NICU, Hugging his pillow! Sweet boy)

 (folding his tiny hands)
(And finally...he got to come HOME!! Sept. 29)

 (the car seat basically swallowed him up)
 Happy day!

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